Megjelent a Thales payShield 9000 software v3.4a

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 13/07/2018
A főbb újdonságok:
- PK-951 - Enhanced the host commands A0, G0, GQ, GS, GU, GW, M0, M2, M4 and MY to support for ANSI X9.24-3:2017 AES DUKPT
- PK-776 - Enhanced the host commands A0, A6, A8 and console commands KG, IK, KE to support X9 TR-31:2018 key block (Key Block Version ID = 'D').
- PK-2938 - Added new host commands P6 and P8 to support MyPINPad OPIN functionality (PIN on glass).
- PK-1007 - Enhanced the host command B8 (TR34 Key Export) to support keyblock, 192 bit 3DES key and Version 'D' of TR31.
- PK-2837 - Enhanced the host commands M0, M2 and M4 to support NIST SP800-38G FF1 Format Preserving Encryption.
- PK-802 - Enhanced the host command KU to support JCB (CVN 04) and Union Pay.
- PK-800 - Enhanced the host command KY to support EMV 4.3 AES card and session key derivation and Visa CVN18.
- PK-2994 - Added a new host command QE to support generation of a CSR of a supplied RSA public key.
- PK-2995 - Enhanced the host commands EW and EY to support RSA-PSS.
- PK-2992 - Enhanced the host commands JW and JY to support RSA-PSS.
- PK-689 - Enhanced the host command BW to optionally return the key check value.
- PK-1099 - Enhanced the host command NC to return the check value of either the current LMK or the LMK in key change storage.
- PK-3027 - Enhanced the console command CH to disallow a host connection if there is no LMK installed.
- PK-3190 - Enhanced the host command QY to support Visa dCVV2 time based dynamic CVV.
- PK-1078 - Added the ability to generate test LMK cards at the console (via new console command GT) and via payShield Manager.
- PK-2937, PK-800, PK-2921 - Enhanced the host command KY to support EMV 4.3 Option 'C' (AES keys) and EMV scripting with cards that use EMV Option ‘B’ for DK generation and Visa Proprietary XOR for SK generation (CVN18).
- PK-2877 - Improve implementation of RSA private keys for TLS pre-master secret decryption.
- PK-3110 - Any installed KTKs are no longer erased when changing the security related settings or restoring HSM settings.
- PK-3119 - Restoring security related settings via payShield Manager will now cause installed LMKs to be erased (similar to the console behaviour).
- PK-2886 - Error log entry date now displays value for the year.
- PK-2896 - Added SNMP Trap for HSM State Change Event (Online/Offline/Secure).


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