Megjelent a Data Exchange Layer 4.0.0 Hotfix 7 és a Data Exchange Layer 3.1.0 Hotfix 14

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 24/07/2018
A javítások listája (mindkét verzió esetén):
- The DXL client for ePolicy Orchestrator no longer times out in large networks with many connection events.
- The OpenSSH on the broker platform has been updated to remove weak DHE key sizes.
- When upgrading the DXL client on a Macintosh system, all existing DXL files are maintained on that system.
- The C++ client Windows Installer was modified to eliminate failed installs due to DLL injection.
- The DXL Linux MER script now retrieves all DXL broker logs.
- Reputation overrides made in Threat Intelligence Exchange are sent via DXL to endpoints as expected.
- The DXL client now validates the private key and will regenerate certificates if the private key is bad.

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Data Exchange Layer (DXL) 4.0.0 Hotfix 7 
Data Exchange Layer (DXL) 3.1.0 Hotfix 14 


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