Megjelent az iOS AppViewer 4.6.0, az iOS SDK 4.6.0m az Android AppViewer 4.6.0 és az Android SDK 4.6.0

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 25/07/2018
A főbb újdonságok:
- Android SDK 4.6.0
     - The Samples app's use of SearchFragment for directions is more consistent with an actual implementation. 
     - The SDK can support more than 100 maps. 
     - Campaigns were taking a bit too long to trigger. The improved latency brings Android more in line with iOS. 
     - Various minor improvements and fixes. 
- iOS SDK 4.6.0
     - Aesthetic improvements to buttons, including a visual change when buttons are tapped. 
     - Visual improvements to the directions Overview button and the directions step viewer. 
- Android AppViewer 4.6.0
     - Like iOS, directions will reroute if the destination moves a certain distance, such as with location sharing or asset tracking. 
     - Various minor improvements and bug fixes. 
- iOS AppViewer 4.6.0
     - AppViewer no longer clears the username after a login error. 
     - A minor aesthetic issue with Slideshow Detail screens. 
     - A minor aesthetic issue with some Placemark detail screen buttons. 
     - Various minor improvements and fixes. 

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