Megjelent a McAfee Web Gateway

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 12/09/2018
A hibajavítások listája:
- When the Konfigurator component was detaching itself after a previous logoff, the user interface responded with a non-availability message to logon requests from cluster nodes using WebStart, not accounting for the delay that occurs before the co-ordinator confirms the detachment after distributing information about this state to every cluster node. (1236266)
- When data was forwarded to a third-party application chunk-by-chunk, Web Gateway still sent an extra chunk after sending the last chunk of the data. This extra chunk was prefixed to the next outgoing POST request by the F5 instance that was involved in transferring the data, which caused the application to respond with an error message. (1251964)
- When syslog was used to send access log data to a reporting server, error messages were displayed due to a problem with a missing bind address for port forwarding. (1252452)
- A file in LZMA format was wrongly recognized as corrupted and blocked due to a problem that the opener encountered when handling the uncompressed-size information provided under this format. (1249271)
- Byte count information retrieved for a persistent connection using the BytesFrom Server and BytesToServer properties was incorrectly logged with values for a previous request being kept also for the current request. (1249445)
- When several Web Gateway appliances were running as servers and clients in a HSM (Hardware Security Module) configuration, users were not able to access some HTTPS websites anymore due to HSM keys not being loaded on one server, which was not substituted by a failover. This was caused by segementation faults that happened in library processing. (1253139)
- Web Gateway was affected by the CVE-2018-1336 vulnerability, which posed a threat to the use of the Apache Tomcat server. After an appropriate fix has been implemented, Web Gateway is not affected anymore. (1248233)
- Web Gateway was affected by the CVE-2018-5390 and CVE-2018-5391 vulnerabilities, which could be exploited by calling functions for every incoming data packet that cause an excessive consumption of resources within the Linux kernel and can lead to a denial of service. After an appropriate fix has been implemented, Web Gateway is not affected anymore. (1250269 and 1252235)
- Processing a subscribed list with more than 100,000 entries, let CPU load increase to 100 percent, which was mainly related to an internal copying of the list for the purpose of retrieving property parameters and enabling plugin access. (1245836)
- The dashboard showed inaccurate information regarding the number of active connections to domain controllers used for NTLM authentication. (1248146)
- When trying to log on to a cluster node, a problem with retrieving licensing information occurred, which could not be solved by re-importing the license file, but did not occur on other nodes. (1250564)
- Changing the root password for a Web Gateway appliance on the user interface could not be completed correctly due to a problem with processing arrays of strings. (1252845)

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