RSA SecurID Access - szeptemberi frissítések

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 18/09/2018
A főbb újdonságok:
- My Page - User Portal for Easy Device Registration 
- Updated RSA SecurID Authenticate Apps for My Page and Android 9 Pie Qualification
- RSA SecurID Access User Event Log API
- Preconfigured Access Policy with Contextual Risk-Based Analytics
- Improved Logging for User Synchronization Events

A hibajavítások listája:
- NGX-19192. - In RADIUS and relying party deployments, the proxy server specified in the Identity Router Setup Console now handles traffic for authentication and product maintenance (such as cluster updates). In an SSO Agent deployment, the proxy server now handles traffic for product maintenance.
- NGX-19829. - Previously, you were unable to delete an identity source after you had visited the Clusters page. This problem has been fixed.
- NGX-19798. - In the Cloud Administration Console, the Device Enrollment policy is no longer included in the access policy count displayed on the Dashboard page. The Dashboard count includes your company’s custom access policies and preconfigured access policies.

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