Újonnan megjelent McAfee Endpoint Encryption verziók

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 10/10/2018
A főbb újdonságok, megoldott hibák:
- Drive Encryption 7.2.7
     - Standardization of password recovery phonetics
     - User-based policy default password
     - Automatic Decryption of BitLocker Encrypted system
- FIle and Removable Media Protection 5.0.8
     - 1241220 - FRP authentication fails with the message: The currently selected user is invalid when the user name contains unicode characters.
     - 1230732 - Removable media automatically unlock with non-preferred methods.
     - 1246399 - User key assignment is removed if users are present in both registered and unregistered AD servers.
     - 1232874 - Keys can't be exported in batches larger than 1,500.
     - 1246315 - UPKs (User Personal Keys) are not upgraded by the FRP upgrade task.
     - 1242555 - The computer screen remains on a black screen for about one minute when the computer resumes, after unlocking the screensaver.
     - 1242391 - Unable to create an encrypted CD, DVD, or ISO.
     - 1253591 - Unable to search by key GUID within the keys page.
     - 1250416 - Grant Keys policy show in McAfee ePO 5.10.0 after FRP install or upgrade.
- Management of Native Encryption 4.1.5
     - 1245702 - With previous versions of MNE, users were prevented from using BitLocker To Go to encrypt removable media. This restriction is now removed and the user is able to go into the BitLocker control panel and encrypt the removable media using BitLocker To Go, but is required to enter a password before encryption can begin.
     - 1241211 - Disabling FileVault fails on a Mac OSX Sierra machine.
     - 1174276 - When activating BitLocker on a Japanese system, the text in the "postpone duration" dialog box is not readable.
     - 1235513 - The McAfee ePO client task to uninstall the MNE client from a macOS system fails. This happens an older version of MNE is installed on the client than the version checked into the Software Catalog in McAfee ePO.


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