Megjelent az Aruba iOS AppMaker és SDK 4.9.0, valamint az Aruba Android AppMaker és SDK 4.9.0

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 25/10/2018
A főbb újdonságok:
- Android SDK 4.9.0
    - We've added the new marker type OverlayMarker to match the iOS SDK's MRPathOverlay functionality. Overlays can be used to draw shapes on a Meridian map, either on map load or in response to a user action. An example has been added to the Android Meridian Sample app. 
    - Incorrect distances were shown when close to the end of a routing segment. 
- iOS SDK 4.9.0
    - Removed support for iOS 9. 
    - On slide-up sheets, long titles now wrap instead of being truncated. 
    - The placemark description field is available to use. 
    - To match the Android SDK's OverlayMarker, map overlays created using MRPathOverlay respond to user actions. 
- Android AppMaker 4.9.0
    - In AppViewer, launching a new location is smoother. 
    - Issues related to the slide-up sheet. 
- iOS AppMaker 4.9.0
    - When logging into an app, there's an activity indicator to show that something is still happening. 
    - You can cancel requests, such as for directions, if they're taking too long. 
    - An issue related to placemark slide-up sheets. 

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