Megjelent a McAfee File and Removable Media Protection 5.0.9

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 14/11/2018
A hibajavítások listája:
- 1251860, 1253990 - The FRP pre-configured query in McAfee ePO shows duplicate FRP properties columns.
- 1246674, 1244482 - McAfee® branding is not displayed in the removable media authentication dialog in non-English locales.
- 1251874 - The FRP Role Description in the FRP Role Settings page in McAfee ePO is discarded after the ninth role, and the description is set in sequence from the first role.
- 1255928 - Initializing optical media with an offsite browser fails with an application crash in Japanese locales.
- 1255914 - The user is not prevented from creating an EERM (Endpoint Encryption for Removable Media)
container that is larger than 2 TB during initialization.
- 1258382 - The sort functionality doesn't work on the screen where UPKs are unassigned.
- 1258383 - FRP server task configuration is overwritten with default configuration values when upgrading to FRP 5.0.8.

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