Megjelent a McAfee Data Exchange Layer 5.0.0

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 14/11/2018
A főbb újdonságok:
- DXL 5.0.0 is a server-related release
- Support for DXL brokers on Microsoft Window Servers
- Advances in automation
- McAfee ePO 5.10 support

A hibajavítások listája:
- The DXL Java client now displays as "McAfee DXL Java client" in the list of registered products in McAfee ePO. - (1105407)
- You can now configure which broker the DXL client connects to using the DXL Client for ePO option in Server Settings. - (1214767)
- When creating a DXL Broker Management policy, the new policy is now listed as authorized as expected. - (1239696)
- The message "failed to notify agent(s)" is removed from the Orion audit logs. - (1242397)
- A McAfee Agent GUID is not required in opening a threat event. - (1255640)
- The DXL C++ client now passes all responses for a synch request to integrated applications on 64-bit Linux systems. - (1257375)

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