Megjelent a McAfee Active Response 2.3.0 Hotfix 4

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 14/11/2018
A hibajavítások listája:
- P-15020 - When installing Active Response on systems where SysCore is updated and Endpoint Security or Host IPS Exploit Prevention is enabled, the system can no longer potentially display a blue screen error or a system hang issue. This issue occurred randomly and rarely seen on Active Response deployments.
- 1254769 - Active Response can now be deployed on a CentOS 6.10 endpoint.
- 1253452 - Processes collector now returns correct/complete data for the cmdline field.
- 1255788 - Mac installer message now displays the correct version.
- 1253677 - Collectors now display binary registry information up to 512 characters.
- P-15023 - Active Response now runs VBScript-based collectors even if there is no program associated with .vbs extension.
- 1255790 - Mac installer package is now signed.
- 1257480 - Active Response 2.3 is now compatible with Endpoint Security for Linux version 10.5.
- 1257480 - Active Response 2.3 is now compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5.
- 1253186 - When changing the FIPS mode, NGINX reinstalls with the required set of permissions.
- 1253800 - Active Response server can now be successfully upgraded to the latest hotfix. After the upgrade, Active Response search works as expected.
- P-15197 - Active Response now shows improved performance for Trace Chart API.
- 1256332 - The DeleteRegistryValue reaction argument mapping issue is now fixed.
- 1255322 - The KillProcessByHash action no longer appears on the Active Response Catalog and the reactions list. This action is now available only from the Workspace.
- 1256935 - On the Spanish version of McAfee ePO, the LoadedModules collector no longer displays an error.
- 1255050 - Active Response now includes these search improvements:
     - Search on the potential threat list by McAfee Agent GUID now works as expected.
     - Search optimizations when the selected timespan is lesser than 90 days.

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