Megjelent a Thales payShield 9000 v3.4a

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 15/11/2018
A főbb újdonságok:
- PK-2996 - Enhanced the host command PM, to support Gemalto dCV dynamic CVV.
- PK-3308, PK-3362, PK-3363 - Enhanced console commands IK & KE and host commands A6 & A8 to allow import & export of a ZMK under a ZMK.
- PK-1187 - Enhanced host commands GI & GK to allow import & export of a ZMK under an RSA key.
- PK-3299 - Enhanced host command L6 to support key usage values 03, 04, 05 & 06.
- PK-776 - Fixed issues in console commands KG, IK, KE and host commands A0, A6, A8 in their support of TR-31:2018 with AES transport keys.
- PK-3386 - Fixed host command A8, which was failing to export an IPEK (when using a Variant LMK).
- PK-3357 - Fixed console command LK, which was rejecting the standard Thales 3DES triple-length Test LMK when the "Enforce multiple key components" security setting is set to YES.
- PK-3301 - Fixed host command L6, which was failing to import an RSA private key whose corresponding public key was provided in 2's compliment format.
- PK-3438 - Fixed host command JG, so that it is no longer dependent on the "Restrict PIN block usage for PCI compliance" setting. (JG should only be dependent on the output PIN block format being PCI approved.)
- PK-3380, PK-3419 - Fixed an issue when applying security settings, to erase any installed KTKs when the HSM switches to PCI compliant mode.
- PK-585 - Fixed host commands M6, M8 and MY which were incorrectly returning an 8 byte IV when using AES keys.
- PK-3256 - Fixed host command IE to accept the SK-DEK key block with a Mode of Use = 'B' or 'E', in order to accept the SK-DEK key block output by host command IC.
- PK-3133 - Fixed host command CS, which was failing to operate on key blocks with Key Usage = 47, 48 or 49.
- PK-3261 - Fixed display of FIPS validated algorithms in payShield Manager by removing FF1 and BSP algorithms.
- PK-3454 - Fixed host command M0, which was causing stability issues with certain payloads.
- PK-3350 - Fixed the SNMP module, so that changes to the "Enable Single DES" security setting will always send an SNMP Trap.
- PK-3410 - Modified text in console commands CS/QS, from "Authorized state required when importing DES key under RSA key" to "Authorized state required when importing a key under RSA key" since this setting applies to DES, AES and HMAC keys.
- PK-3424 - Fixed host command L6, so that the delimiter '~' and its associated fields are optional.
- PK-3355, PK-3395 - Non-specific code security & stability improvements.


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