Megjelent a McAfee Endpoint Security 10.6.1 December Update

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 12/12/2018
A hibajavítások listája:
- Threat Prevention
     - Scanning - 1238723 - Exploit Prevention DAT now updates successfully with the appropriate message in the log files and works as expected.
     - Performance - 1256356 - When the On-Demand Scan option Scan only when the system is idle is enabled, the scan no longer randomly resumes when the user is active.
     - Performance - 1259768 - This release resolves a non-paged pool memory leak when using Cygwin.
     - Compatibility - 1249089 - Exploit Prevention exclusions now work correctly with signer details as the Signer value is now processed as is from the events.
     - Compatibility - 1256932 - Application Protection rules now successfully migrate to Threat Prevention settings using ESConfigTool.
     - User Interface - 1245285 - The Threat Target file name now appears in the event sent to McAfee ePO and in the Access Protection log.
     - User Interface - 1250643 - The permission set to view Access Protection subrules now functions correctly.
     - User Interface - 1254936 - Endpoint Security properties, such as Extra.dat and On-Demand Scan properties, are now displayed correctly in McAfee ePO.
- Firewall
     - Compatibility - 1228817 - McAfee ePO now updates policies containing remote networks from the Firewall Catalog when the network is modified in the catalog.
     - Compatibility - 1256757 - You can now successfully add IPv6 addresses under trusted networks in a rule.
- Migration
     - Compatibility - 1258613 - The Endpoint Migration Assistant now retains existing assigned Endpoint Security tasks.

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