Megjelent a McAfee Rogue System Detection 5.0.6

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Publikálva: 12/12/2018
A hibajavítások listája:
- 1238764, 1244754 - Rogue System Detection sensors were displayed as Uninstalled when McAfee Agent was reinstalled on the client system. A new entry for the same sensor was added and displayed in the Rogue System Detection Dashboard, leading to stale data. This issue is resolved in this release.
- 1239914 - The status of the Rogue System Detection sensor was changing intermittently from Active to Passive in the Rogue System Detection Dashboard. This issue is resolved in this release.
- 1233304, 1235849, 1242682, 1244612 - BalashApp.exe now continues to run automatically when you reboot the system or install/
upgrade/uninstall McAfee Agent on a system.
- 1244754 - Rogue System Detection sensors were displayed with Missing and Blank status due to McAfee Agent/LPC communication issue. This issue is resolved in this release.
- 1248388, 1250442 - The McAfee ePO System details page is blank because of Related item tab from the System details page. The suggested workaround is to disable this tab as same information is available in the Rogue System Detection Detection page.
1252611 An unknown error is displayed on the policy page after the Rogue System Detection extension upgrade. This is a known issue with McAfee ePO 5.3.3. and is resolved in McAfee ePO 5.9. You can download the latest Rogue System Detection extension from the Product
Downloads site at:
- 1238785 - Loading the Rogue System Detection Dashboard is slow when displaying the Detected Systems page. Optimized Rogue System Detection queries with indexing now improve the performance.
- 1238208 - The Rogue System Detection policy page is now improved to reduce the complexity.
- 1228473 - Rogue System Detection sensors are submitting data under the agent GUID with all 0's due to McAfee Agent/LPC communication issue with Rogue System Detection. This issue is resolved in Rogue System Detection 5.0.5 and later.
- 1224813 - The SENSORPOLICYPLUGIN threads hung. This issue is resolved in this release.

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