Megjelent a McAfee Web Gateway 8.1

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 11/07/2019
Az újdonságok listája:
- TCP window scaling with higher default to improve network throughput
- New settings for storing cloud access logs in different regions
- More media types supported in media type filtering
- More file formats supported by the Composite Opener
- More throughput for GTI queries and extended monitoring in anti-malware filtering
- Easier troubleshooting of network issues with mfend-lb
- User messages provided in Portuguese

A hibajavítások listája:
- HSM firmware upgrade
- 1273843  - When anti-malware filtering is performed on Web Gateway, processing web traffic works without problems
- 1274028  - Web Gateway was affected by the CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2019-11478, and CVE-2019-11479 vulnerabilities, which was fixed through a kernel update.
- 1272704  - When Web Gateway is configured to run as a proxy with FTP over HTTP, the progress page is displayed properly and the download completes with different browsers on the client system.

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