Megjelent a Nessus 8.5.0

Típus: Hírek
Publikálva: 19/07/2019
A főbb újdonságok:
- Nessus Essentials streamlined activation and registration
- Nessus report filtering enhancements
- Removed IP license restrictions for Host Discovery scanning
- License expiration grace period changes
- Performance improvements - Scan 

A javított hibák listája:
- Fixed issue with Security Center hanging when processing certain types of scans - 00672350
- Fixed intermittent issue with Security Center when scanning specific host - 00693416
- Fixed issue with missing agent name in scan notes under specific conditions - 00642561
- Fixed issue with enabling plugins in filtered results not always behaving as expected - 00757135
- Fixed issue with license expiration date presentation - 00774205
- Fixed a number of issues with Nessus API documentation
- Fixed an issue where template files could have mismatched signatures when upgrading under certain conditions
- Fixed an issue with Nessus not properly setting Cache-Control and Expires headers
- Fixed an intermittent issue with a migration error being generated when installing under certain conditions
- Fixed an issue with unnecessary sorting icon being shown in Advanced Settings
- Fixed an issue with incorrect error notification being shown when required fields are not populated in policies
- Fixed an issue where the user is presented with a red invalid box before entering in any information when using Internet Explorer
- Fixed an issue where filter values are reset to default under certain conditions in the Vulnerabilities view
- Fixed an issue with notifications overlapping UI elements when messages are verbose
- Fixed an issue where inputs were not sanitizing white space properly
- Fixed an issue with maximum values for Plugin output causing unexpected behavior
- Fixed an issue with incorrect default port being set for Scanners when managed by Industrial Security
- Fixed intermittent issue with paused scans not appearing to fully complete

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