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Publikálva: 25/07/2019
Az újdonságok a és a verziókban:
- Office 365 Integration (AN-7060)
     - Sharepoint
     - AzureActiveDirectory
     - OneDrive
     - Exchange
     - DataCenterSecurity
     - Compliance
     - Sway
     - Yammer
     - SecurityComplianceCenter
     - PowerBI
     - MicrosoftTeams
     - MicrosoftFlow
- Ransomware Detection (AN-6736)
     - Beaconing Alert
     - Ransomware Alert (SMB Encryption)
- Analytics on a Subset of Users and Devices (AN-7600)
- Microsoft Windows 2016 AD Security Log Parsing (AN-7003)
- Fortigate Firewall Log Parsing (AN-8226)
- Network Visualization (UIF-9199)
- Query Engine Search Enhancement (AN-6755)
- Simplified Log Processing (AN-6384)
- Data Retention Configuration (AN-5105)
- System Error Reporting (SYS-162, UIF-9747)
- User Role Timeout (AN-7436)
- New CLI Command to Disable TLS 1.1 (AN-7761)

A hibajavítások listája a és a verziókban:
- AN-6862  - In the Platform component, this release adds more information to the System Status > Alarms page on the Analyzer UI. Alarms generated on Packet Processor, such as a Link down alarm, are forwarded to Analyzer. Those alarms now include the source Packet Processor when viewed on the Analyzer Alarms list.
- AN-8114  - This release fixes an Analytics issue where the query in Modify Severity (Alerts > Alert Card > Actions > Modify Severity) does not allow using subnets for IP addresses. 
- AN-8122  - This release fixes an Analytics issue where Alerts cannot be marked as False Positive or True Positive on the Entity360 page.
- AN-8125  - This release fixes an Analytics issue where the Manage Severity functionality does not work when the query string includes a wildcard '*' character.
- AN-8190  - This release fixes a sysmon issue that could cause some alarms to be generated on Packet Processor, forwarded to Analyzer, and then erroneously be cleared on Analyzer while the alarm condition is still present on the Packet Processor. This issue has been observed with NTP synchronization alarms generated on Packet Processor.
- AN-8283  - This release enhances the VPN Correlation with LDAP data to try the employeeID attribute if the SAMAccountName attribute fails. 
- AN-8343  - This release fixes a Correlation issue where event generation takes a long time when the number of entities involved is large.
- AN-8390  - This release adds the ability for Analytics to order the list of Alerts by the End Time field on the Entity360 page.
 - AN-8439  - This release fixes a UI issue where certain small countries are not displayed in the details panel of the Use Case Visualization card (Menu > Conversations > Visual > Visualization Type > Use Case Visualization).
- AN-8540  - In the Platform component, this release improves the Yarn (Hadoop component) system startup  to remove some temporary files that could cause Yarn Service Alarms to be unnecessarily generated.
- AN-8566  - This release fixes an Analytics issue where the New VPN Location alert fires for locations that have already been visited.
- AN-8572  - This release fixes a Workflow issue where the GUEBA workflow crashes when it processes all available data sources for a given day. With this fix, the GUEBA workflow processes individual data sources one at a time, in multiple runs.
- AN-8590  - This release fixes an UI issue that could prevent the Complete Details section from being displayed on the Conversation Details page.
- AN-8644  - This release fixes a UI issue where use case modifications do not display from the use case card on the Alerts page Clusters tab.
- SENSOR-1476  - This release fixes a Platform issue that could cause the DNS resolver on Packet Processor to restart.
- AN-8802  - This release fixes an issue where the Analyzer upgrade fails to bring the Ambari service up in to a healthy running state.

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